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  • Iron deficiency is becoming increasingly prevalent today.
    And its primary target are children.
  • They need special nutrients to combat this deficiency and to face the world with its challenges.
  • So,we have developed Top Line Iron plus,an iron and iodine fortified with more minerals salt.

Table Top Salt

  • We are proud to introduce our premium salt Table Top Salt, rich in calcium magnesium and other essential minerals that keeps people active throughout the day.
  • We developed a mineral rich salt brand that would help consumers face today’s fast paced and competitive world head on


  • Adults today lead very busy lives.
  • Workload,stress,tension and unhealthy life styles have led to high blood pressure and hypertension.
  • Keeping this is mind,we developed a mineral rich salt with low sodium content for people who are health conscious or who suffer from high blood pressure.


  • After gaining expertise,we launched our own consumer brand in 2007.Topline Natural Salt.
  • A salt produced through natural processes rich in nutrient content.
  • It is number 1 in rural and number 2 in urban Maharashtra.


  • Topline Natural Crystal Salt is made from salt that has been naturally extracted from the sea,fortified with requisite amount of iodine.
  • Topline Natural Crystal Salt enhances your taste buds bringing out flavor in the food.
  • Topline Natural Crystal Salt can also be used as bath salts to give relief to painful joints in hot water fermentation.


  • Black salt is a volcanic rock formed in the area
    around the Himalayas.
  • This salt is widely used in
    dishes of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal as
    condiments or delicious Indian food.
  • Chaat masala,
    a blend of Indian spices, relies on black salt for its


  • Himalayan pink salt mixed with refreshing mints and tangy lime.

  • Taste freshness with the benefit of Himalaya pink salt.

  • Aroma and flavor of garlic-infused with Himalayan pink salt.

  • Enjoy the flavors with the benefits of Himalayan pink salt.

  • Feel the spicy, warm, and sharp taste of ginger-infused with
    Himalayan pink salt. Taste the excitement with the goodness of
    Himalayan pink salt.


  • Himalayan pink salt can't be cultivated it is only modeled by nature itself.

  • The pink salt comes from the remnants of an ancient sea that crystallized millions and millions of years ago.

  • Nutrition that
    helps to balance your Body's pH level, Improves Respiratory Problems, good for digestion all of this while being 100% organic.

Our Clients

The Nutritionist’s View

“I recommend the Topline Range of Salts. This is a solar evaporated salt brand that contains huge amount of essential minerals like calcium and magnesium, as compared to vacuum evaporated salt brands.”

Tripati Gupta
Tripti Gupta
Nutritionist Expert

Naturally Processed

Solar Salt

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