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Benefits and uses of black salt

Benefits and uses of black salt

The typical table salt, which is white in color, has been mentioned frequently. But did you know that black salt is a different type of salt? Black salt offers a lot of advantages. Discover few of the many wonderful advantages of black salt, commonly known as Kala Namak, in this article.

Black salt: What is it?

Black Salt

Black salt, sometimes referred to as “Kala Namak” in Indian households, is thought to have its origins in long-standing Indian custom. Indians have long believed black salt to have medicinal properties for the body. Black salt is thought to be beneficial to health.

Benefits of Black Salt 

  1. Black salt is beneficial for digestion

Black salt facilitates the liver’s synthesis of bile, which aids in digestion. Additionally, it aids in increasing the small intestine’s absorption activities.

  1. Calms Muscle Spasticity

Black salt is beneficial to health due to its high potassium concentration. Potassium aids in reducing muscular spasms and promotes healthy muscle function.

  1. Improves Heart Health

Black salt thins the blood and may be beneficial for those with cholesterol problems. However, excessive consumption of black salt is not advised for those with high blood pressure (no more than 3.75 grams per day).

  1. Reduces bloating

People who frequently get heartburn and bloating should add “Kala Namak” in their daily diet. This is so that acid levels and reflux problems can be controlled with black salt.

  1. Helps lose weight

When you need to cut back on sodium intake while also preventing bloating and water retention, black salt for weight reduction is a great addition to your diet.

  1. Reduces sinusitis

Those suffering from sinusitis or respiratory problems can benefit from using “Kala Namak.” You can hasten the clearing up of your mucus and the opening up of your nostrils by using black salt while inhaling steam or by mixing it with warm water for gargling.


Uses of black salt 

  1. For cooking
    You can use black salt as an alternative to your regular white salt for cooking. Sprinkle it over your favourite dishes for a rich, salty taste!
  2. For drinking
    Because black salt has a laxative effect, drinking it with water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach aids in detoxification and relieves constipation. When used in moderation, black salt is beneficial for diabetics as it helps to regulate blood sugar levels.
  3. On skin
    Black salt and coconut oil applied gently on the skin help fight off infections, reduce inflammation, and ease pain. To assist treat various skin conditions including eczema and rashes, black salt can also be added to the bath water.


If you want to try an Indian or Asian cuisine that asks for it, black salt is a fantastic natural substitute for conventional table salt.

It can improve the flavour of many foods thanks to its distinctive flavour character.

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